A.J. Priest

A lone figure trudges through ice and snow. Frozen crystals cake his clothes and the pack on his back cuts into his shoulders. His whole body is numb and fatigue […]

Beautiful Nightmare

The cold stone floor numbs my bare feet, and I shiver in my white sundress. Strange, I don’t remember owning such a dress. And why aren’t I wearing shoes? Where […]

The sea beneath me rises and falls, lifting my form as I lie suspended in water—and in time. The sun on my skin, the wind caressing my cheek, all senses […]

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

For those who work a standard Monday to Friday week, the last few hours before the weekend seem to last for an eternity. So, to help get you through those […]

The End of the World

It’s a strange thing, having your world end. After a while you look up to realize – everything around you is still moving. And you think, How? How can the […]


Hey there, welcome to the internet equivalent of my home. Please pardon the mess, I’m still getting settled. *shoves box of photographs and wallpapers into the closet and slams the […]