Zombies R Us

Photo by Hudson Roseboom on Unsplash

This story was inspired by Jason Chan’s painting, Zombie Playground. Check it out here.

“Zombie kids, run!”

Kayla spun and took off after Caden’s bobbing backpack.  Behind her, little Samantha struggled to keep up with the older children.  Kayla grabbed the girl’s hand, pulling her along. “Come on, sis!” Lauren ran up behind them and together they half dragged, half carried the girl towards the baseball diamond.  They skidded to a stop and turned sharply as more zombies emerged from the nearby woods. “Wrong way.”

“Up here!”

Kayla looked up to see her friend Dante standing atop the playground equipment, brandishing a mop as though it were a spear.  Caden stepped between them and the advancing horde as they hurriedly shoved Samantha onto the bottom step, pushing her along as they climbed.  

Caden swung his bat into the first zombie’s skull, hitting it with a resounding crack. Again and again he struck as they advanced, pressing him back onto the equipment after the girls.  Scrambling into the top of the equipment Kayla stumbled, nearly falling down the slide to the waiting arms of the zombies below. “Who the heck left a pile of bricks here?”

“Who cares? It’s ammo.” Dante swung his mop, sending the first of the zombies back down the slide.

Lauren pulled back her slingshot, aimed, and froze, eyes fixed on the familiar face of their next door neighbor, “B-Bobby?” The boy slowly turned his gray, decaying features towards her, as if with some vague recollection of the name that had once been his. She squeezed her eyes shut and let the stone fly. A crack, followed swiftly by a soft thud told her that her aim had been true. She dug in her pocket for another stone and took aim again.

“Whewe’s Cody?” Samantha hunkered down beside her older sister.

“Somewhere safer than here.” Kayla hurled a brick, striking a girl in the temple and sending her tumbling off the edge of the slide. “Hand me another.” No response. “Samantha, another one!” Kayla turned to see fear etched on her little sister’s face.

“No mowe.”

Kayla pulled the girl close, watching as Dante’s mop sent another grey form sailing over the edge. “It’ll be OK.”

Lauren swiped the sweat off her face and planted her sneaker square in the face of a moaning corpse. Her fingers swept the insides of her pockets, desperately searching for more ammunition. They closed around the smooth surface of a marble and she grinned. She wasn’t out of the fight yet.

A truck shot across the playground, sending dirt and zombies flying in all directions. Caden squinted, trying to see the driver. “It’s Cody!”

Kayla leaned out of the tower window, “What’s he doing?” Tires squealed and the truck rocketed towards the equipment. Her eyes bugged out and she hit the deck, pulling Samantha with her. “Brace yourselves!”

Metal struck metal and the equipment shrieked, buckling around the impact. Cody stuck his head out the window, “Need a lift?”

“You’re late.” Kayla grinned as the kids leaped into the back of the pickup, and sped away from the corpse filled playground.

Someday, I’ll manage to write a serious zombie story, but this is not that day.

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  1. Ok, I’ll wait.
    Short stories are evil! xD


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